Collateral Damage mit Outlook 

Mr. "SAX" Megginson spricht über schlechtes Design eines Produkts, das auch Auswirkungen auf die hat, die es garnicht benutzen.

Quoderat: If there's a moral to this, it's that sloppy design hurts more people than the immediate users – simply choosing not to use bad software does not protect you from its flaws. Security holes in Outlook hurt me, though I've never used the program; virus-warning spam from antivirus software makers repeatedly shut me down, though I've never bought their products. If we mess up too badly designing our next generation of XML-based systems (blogs, REST, Web Services, or what-have-you), it's hard to predict how many people we'll hurt beyond our immediate user base.

Und, nebenbei, in meinem Mail-Account halten sich Spam und "richtige" Mail gerade eben so die Waage.

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