Form Follows Content 

Elliotte Rusty Harold über die Notwendigkeit, eindimensionales HTML zu schreiben und dieses dann per CSS zweidimensional aufzubereiten. Im 1D-HTML wird dabei der Leser, nicht das Layout in den Vordergrund gestellt.

Notice that the first thing in the HTML is the actual article, not the site header, not the sidebar, not the navigation. The order in the HTML reflects the order of the user?s interest linearly. It has nothing to do with the two-dimensional layout of the site because an audio browser only reads linearly from start to finish. It doesn?t see the two-dimensional layout. (As a side note search engine spiders also operate like this, and putting more important content up front may help your ranking.) — CSS Tip 1: Put the content first.

Für's nächste Redesign beachten.

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